Masters in International Relations

2 Year Programme

MA in International Relations is designed to be a truly transformative program, which offers students the education, training, and first-hand experience necessary for successful international careers. This course of study is an intellectually rigorous master?s program that is implanted inside the field of international relations while enabling students to choose areas of specialization based upon their interests and professional goals.

  • Theories in International Relation
  • International Relations: Concept and Percepectives
  • Globalization & International Political Economy
  • International Law
  • International Organization
  • International Policy & Perspectives
  • International Security-Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Nationalism,Democracy and Compolitianism
  • Global Politics & Analysis
  • Research Methodology & Case Studies in International Relations: US, british,EU
  • Latin America in Modern World
  • Dissertation

Employment opportunities are continuing to grow as globalisation increases. Careers may be found in business, government and non-government organisations, international agencies, multinational firms, non-profit organisations and financial institutions, across a range of areas. Roles may be found in foreign affairs analysis, marketing, tourism, hospitality, policy development, research, education, media, market research, journalism, and public affairs coordination.