Welcome to the European College of Professional Studies and Research!.

Congratulations on being admitted to our college and for accepting the offer to join our multicultural academic community. With this decision; you will shape your future, you will be offered a distinguished education, bringing success in your chosen career.

The institution’s academic and administrative units are happy to welcome you all. Welcome to the distinguished life of higher education delivered here at ECPSR’s peaceful, secure, virtual and independent environment.

Our competitive and rigorous international study programs are designed to educate and train students to become well-versed in all industry oriented and specialized fields. Most importantly, our objectives are to encourage students to think globally and strategically beyond their own national borders and to convey an understanding of other cultures.

European College of Professional Studies and Research (ECPSR) also holds a strong academic panel of lecturers who work around the world, and a leader in innovative programmes that are always a step ahead of the ever-changing business environment. Therefore, it encourages collaborative work between lecturers, professionals and students, with the objective of developing communication, teamwork, planning, negotiation, and influencing and leadership skills.

ECPSR’s (European College of Professional Studies and Research) goal is to become a partner for life for our learners and graduates. We are thankful for the opportunity to help our students and graduates in pursuing their life dreams. We strive to provide students the inspiring excellence of a private college, combined with the stimulating advantage of a small-scale and cross-cultural environment.

May these words greet you warmly on your visit to our website, where you can discover our programmes, faculty and activities in detail? And, if you decide to join us, it will be our pleasure to help you achieve your professional and personal goals for growth.


Prof. Dr. William Craigler