Mission & Vision


The mission of European College of Professional Studies and Research (ECPSR) is to serve the lifelong learning needs of its diverse global community members by offering academic and career oriented educational programs and research opportunities that will prepare our students to accept entry level positions or enhance their managerial and leadership knowledge and skills based on their respected enrolled programs.

It has set as a mission becoming college acting in line with universal values, guided by internationally recognized academic educational criteria and to prepare new generations of leaders and critical thinkers for effective and ethical leadership, ready to act as global citizens in addressing international and national issues across cultures

Its mission is to offer quality and meaningful education & research, an efficient collaborative environment, modern physical and virtual settings, and information technology tools for making effective decisions that will improve the personal and professional lives of individuals in the global community they serve.

The core elements of this mission are to facilitate learning, collaboration, and research in our diverse and challenging global environment by utilizing information technology tools.


The vision of the European College of Professional Studies and Research is to become a leading and the most preferred university by students and academic staff around the world and to assist working professionals possessing academic and professional experience in studying and conducting at graduate levels and to prepare them to meet the challenges of their global communities.

Our vision is to work with all of our community members to develop programs and courses that will enhance our learners' career competencies, decision-making abilities, and research skills. We value the input from our community leaders, employers, members of our advisory committees, and community of intellectuals and experts.

Quality Assurance

"To deliver nothing but the best at ECPSR, the main thrust is given to Fundamental research and research-based investigation programs. These programs are the establishment on which training at the ECPSR is constructed. Research produces new information and comprehension – about everything from the jungle fever bearing mosquito to new philosophical speculations about the self."