MSc. Public Heath

2 Year Program

The purpose of the MSc of Public Health degree (with concentration in epidemiology, international public health, environmental health, or public health systems) is to provide a learning experience that global students can readily transfer to everyday practice of public health in their home countries. Learning activities combine academic, professional education, and real-world applications that challenge the adult learner to develop a professional vocabulary and competencies in each graduate-level course. In addition, performance competency (skill-developing and knowledge-developing projects) and affective development (value-challenging experiences) are emphasized rather than only knowledge-based competency. Projects focus on enhancing the following skills: Internet, primary, and secondary research; software (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint; SPSS; etc.); creative; decision making; people management; analytical; synthesis; integrative; conceptual; and communication.

Please note: A limited number of pre-career learners may be accepted into the MSCPH program. If accepted as a pre-career learner, a 6-semester hour credit internship course is required instead of the 3-semester hour capstone course.

There are additional admissions requirements for this degree completion program.

Students must complete all the required foundation courses. Each course is valued as 3 Credits except where noted.

First Year

Second Year