Fee Liability Policy

Your length, in terms of time duration, of Fee Liability is the time allotment that you need to pay educational cost expenses to the University. Your ordinary time of fulfilling fee payment obligation will normally be the same as the standard length of your course.

Fee Obligation Information

Your fee becomes due within 7 days of your joining the course and you are required to pay your charges within seven days of the commencement of your course. In case, the study program starts late, in that case the students are supposed to deposit their outstanding fee within 7 working days of their joining the ECPSR. We prescribe you contact the helpdesk at ECPSR to check the fee literature document & installment payment plans (if available for the course you chose)

Ethical Computer Use

ECPSR maintains moral PC utilize. Everybody inside the assemblage who utilizes the ECPSR communication service i.e. Wi-Fi, routers or any network device(s) and computer labs and other computer & network enabled facilities is responsible to utilize them in an expert, lawful, and moral way. This implies all the users (students / faculties / staff) consents to the accompanying conditions:-

Users must regard the respectability of the frameworks and must perceive that certain information can be private & legal property of ECPSR. They should likewise regard the principles and directions that represent the utilization of hardware and offices and they should not get unapproved access to the records and documents of others. All the users (students / faculties / staff) should likewise regard the proposed utilization of all records and they should follow the rules and acquaint themselves with appropriate use for the frameworks they get to.

Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination

Unwelcome lewd gestures, demands for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical abuse of a sexual sort constitutes inappropriate behavior when accommodation to or dismissal of this lead expressly or certainly influences a person's business, absurdly meddles with a person's work execution or makes a scary, threatening or hostile workplace". ECPSR has zero resistance on lewd behavior from any staff, employees, and additionally students. Appropriate law authorization organizations will be informed in the occasion the University trusts that inappropriate behavior has happened.

Legal Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

European College of Professional Studies & Research (ECPSR) maintains whatever authority is needed to change the it’s arrangements, and alter prerequisites and principles as portrayed in this website and related archives whenever without any earlier formal or written notice. The University has sincerely attempted to guarantee the exactness of this electronic Website and its related sub-links. Courses, projects, prerequisites, and different issues contained in this are liable to change without prior notice on account of students’ enlistment, level of budgetary help or some other reason at the discretion of the University managing committee. ECPSR additionally maintains all authority to include, revise or withdraw any of its principles, directions, approaches and methodology, steady with relevant laws.

Copyright encroachment is the demonstration of misusing at least one of the elite rights conceded to the copyright proprietor under area 106 of the Copyright Act (Title 17 of CFR) since it is exercised without authorization or legitimate expert’s permission. These rights incorporate the privilege to recreate or disseminate a copyrighted work. In the document sharing setting, downloading or transferring extensive parts of a copyrighted work without written & explicit permission constitutes an encroachment. The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) incorporates such rules, regulations & provisions that are intended to decrease the illicit transferring and downloading of copyrighted material through distributed/Peer-2-Peer (P2P) record sharing.

Technical Support Services

European College of Professional Studies & Research (ECPSR) students, staff and faculty members may e-mail at support@ecpsr.com should they experience technical problems with the University's website or online/virtual classroom. Technical support services are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.