Statement of Values

To foster within the college community the values of personal and academic integrity; the liberty to question and to pursue knowledge; of respect democratic governance and management of the institution; respect for persons; professionalism and diligence; ethical behavior; civic responsibility; multi-cultural awareness; tolerance; sustainability of resources; entrepreneurship and innovation; personalized attention and student focus.

We continuously believe in the promotion of knowledge, learning and education, through teaching and research for the benefit of society;

We always value the cultivation, transmission, application and inter-disciplinary exchange of knowledge and create the provision of high quality undergraduate and graduate education that is internationally recognized, and of other programmes of study, which are of an international standard.

We value privacy, learners’ rights, and the availability of physical and virtual resources conducive to learning. We continuously strive to improve our learning resources, educational programs and courses, instructional contents, and delivery methods, global effectiveness, and assessment tools and techniques.

We strongly believe the educational contents must be available in multiple formats, on-site, online, and hybrid, to make it accessible to learners based on their choice of delivery.

We value education and professional experience. Our faculty and staff possess the educational and professional background that will combine academic instruction and hands-on training with real-life examples and projects.

Academic Programs

"The main mission and purpose of the college is to provide lifelong learning opportunities to its diverse community members. All programs offered at ECPSR through its partner institutions prepare the students to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives and the lives of individuals in the communities they serve."